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If you’re in a career transition or thinking of making a change, you’re in the right place.

At Paradise Coaching, we celebrate transitions. 

We believe that finding your right work is a creative, courageous act. It takes commitment to set an intentional course and choose your next career.

Committing to yourself.

Looking at your gifts, talents, skills and abilities. Proclaiming your value and learning how to shop around. Knowing what gives you fulfillment, where you find meaning, and how you want to spend your precious time and energy. Setting your course deliberately and intentionally.

A career transition can be a time for celebration. Celebrating the opportunity to put forward your unique mix of skills and finding the best fit for you. Celebrating the end of work patterns that don’t serve you, of putting old history to bed. Celebrating being clear about what you want to do and not taking a job that happens to come your way.

Purpose. Meaning. Fulfillment. Intention. Choice.

I’m Laura Paradise, a life/career coach. I want to help you have a fabulous career transition. I know about transitions. I’ve gone from being a Washington DC lobbyist to slinging espresso, from writing about international environmental trade policy (gulp) to teaching yoga, from tutoring first graders to leading African safaris. In between, I’ve been fired, laid off and even worked for an organization that was shut down by its Board of Directors. And I’ve mastered the art of landing interviews and getting job offers and choosing my next move.

I founded Paradise Coaching to help women turn career transitions into opportunities to affirm and celebrate their gifts. In our own way. With the spirit and style that will make the world a better place.

Are you ready to make a great change? To step out and make the most out of your career transition so you can do your great work in the world.

Join me in taking charge of your transition. Contact me at



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